All About Me

Aryan is an 18-year old man child living in Kolkata, studying for Bachelor in Business Administration at Hyderabad. He has chosen Business Development as his major.


Aryan has a blog where he writes some of the top National and International business news about funding, acquisitions, collaborations, IPO, innovations, startups and more every single day. He intends to write news in an interesting way that attracts Generation Z and Generation Alpha to read Business News.


He always had a fascination with business and plans to have his own Unicorn startup one day and has a clear vision for it. He likes to research entrepreneurs and their ventures.


He also likes to listen to classic rock and pop music, podcast, play badminton and chess, watches Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, movies and has also started reading Non-Fiction Books a few months back.


He is on his path to figuring out the balance of what makes him happy and is willing to risk for the reward that is having fun, making history and doing things that people will remember forever.